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Looking for some amazing gift ideas that every toddler will love? Here is our collection of some of the best gifts you can buy for your toddler on Amazon today.

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1. Radio Flyer Scooter

The 2-in-1 scooter offers two rides where toddlers use it to ride on while seated then, grow with it and convert it to a 4-wheel scooter to ride while standing. It brings much fun to toddlers and builds confidence, fine motor skills, and balance. It features sturdy frames and quality plastic material for durability.

2. Balance Bike

A balance bike with no pedals is a perfect gift for young toddlers learning to walk and balance. It features 4-large wheels and a soft seat for safety and comfort. The Wdmiya Balance bike has a funny spotted-dog shape with paws at the wheel. It helps the toddler develop coordination skills and strengthen hip and legs muscles. It is sturdy, easy to assemble, safe, and durable.

3. Play & Learn Chair

The Fisher-Price Chair is an interactive toy that helps your toddler learn numbers, colors, alphabets, stories, music, and opposites. The kid can either sit or stand when playing. It features a lamp that turns on when the toddler presses any crayon to play music. The toy has 3-styles of play: imagination, learning, and music.

4. Kids Gardening Set

Let your child learn about gardening tools and develop the urge to know about gardening activities with QWKIT Kids Gardening Set. It comprises 7-pieces including; a rake, watering can, trowel, storage bag, gardening gloves, and a fork. The tools have a study metal material and plastic edges that are harmless to the kids. It is perfect for the beach, sandcastles, playgrounds, and exploring outdoor trips.

5. Fist Builders Mega Blocks

The toy comprises 80-pieces for toddlers to make creative constructions. The blocks have different colors and shapes that allow kids to learn color and shape recognition. The blocks come in a storage bag for easy storage and cleanup. The block set helps a toddler develop architectural knowledge at an early age.

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6. Fat Brain Roll Again Tower

The toy has a unique mechanism that sends balls rolling over and over when a toddler picks up one ball. It brings an endless fan to toddlers, inspires discovery & exploration, strengthens spatial reasoning, cause & effect, motor, and psychomotor skills. The toy is easy to assemble with the help of an instruction manual. It includes a tower and five colorful balls that help a kid learn color recognition.

7. Cash Register with Play Money

The 73-piece set includes a calculator, activity guide, cash register, 40 plastic coins, and 30-pretend bills. The calculator is solar-powered, and the drawer makes a cha-ching sound when opening. It is a perfect toy for toddlers to pretend & play with and develop Math skills early.

8. Ball Vacuum Cleaner

Toddlers imitate parents in everything. VTech Pop and Count Vacuum is a perfect gift that helps toddlers pretend and play like she sees the mom clean a house. It features 3-light-up buttons to reinforce learning numbers, counting, colors, and more. The vacuum cleaner has blocks that pop up and down as a kid pushes the vacuum along for the excitement.

9. Magna Tiles

Magna Tiles comprises 100-pieces of clear-color building tiles to build creativity and educational learning. The 3D magnetic tiles have an ABS plastic material that is safe for kids. The toys help a toddler develop color & shape recognition, spatial skills, visualization, teamwork, fine motor, and cooperative skills.

10. My Home Office

Just like the mom or dad with a home office, a toddler will also be surprised to have a pretend-play home office. The kid will use most of the time playing with the office playset while the parent is busy working. The set includes a pretend laptop, a tumbler, a wooden smartphone, and a headset.

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11. Baby Shark Sing-Along Sound Book

The gift is perfect for toddlers who do not get enough of the Baby Shark song. The Pinkfong sound book features ten buttons to help the kid read and sing along the Baby Shark and other Songs. It comprises 16 demonstrated pages with lyrics and 9-full singing songs. The toy develops multisensory skills and allows the toddler to learn music and have fun.

12. Melissa and Doug Water Wow

The toy has a unique design with pages that features coloring vehicles when wet. It has four reusable pages that look white with simple line drawings whereby the toddler fills the available pen with water and colors them. It is an ideal gift to keep your toddler busy.

13. Helmet

If your toddler has a bike, ensure she has a helmet also for safety purposes. The Schwinn Kids Bike Helmet is a multi-colored helmet with an in-built sun brim to protect the toddler against harsh weather elements. It is adjustable to fit different head circumferences and features a molded shell at the lower side for durability.

14. Sneakers

If you are an athletic parent, buy your toddler a pair of comfortable running shoes to encourage the kid to join you. The Adidas Unisex shoe features a breathable fabric material to the toddler’s feet dry and fresh. It features a cushioned innersole to offer foot support and an anti-slip rubber sole to avoid sliding and falling.

15. Spinner-X Sensory Toy

The set includes a spin toy and a seat to help a toddler spin for fun. The sensory toy promotes indoor and outdoor health activities, develops motor skills, and allows the kid to relax. It is easy to assemble with the help of a parent and has high-quality metal and plastic materials for durability. It is ideal for toddlers from 3-years.

16. Night Lights For Kids

Make a toddler’s bedroom colorful with Votozi Multifunctional Star Projector. The projector illuminates the whole bedroom with stars and the moon to make a toddler develop the planet’s imagination skills. The projector cover is removable to make the lamp act as a nightlight. It features six lighting effects to satisfy a toddler’s curiosity and has 5-rotatable films for the magical planet, constellation, starry star, undersea world, and happy birthday options.

17. Skip Hop Toddler Backpack

Start preparing your toddler for school by buying a unicorn backpack. It features whimsical details and mesh-side pockets for a water bottle or umbrella. It has a front pocket to put snacks and the main compartment for books and pencils. The padded straps give comfort to little shoulders. The kid can carry it while going shopping and other outdoor tours.

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