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While cats are known for being difficult to please, the opposite can be said about cat lovers. As such, you can hardly go wrong when giving a cat person a cute cat-themed gift.

However, there are so many cat-themed gifts available and you will probably end up spoilt for choice. Below is a list we curated of cute and thoughtful cat-themed gifts that will surely impress any cat-lover.

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Our Top Picks

1. Cat pillow case set

These FenDie cat-printed pillowcases feature minimalist and creative cat designs that will fit in with any style. The pillowcases are of standard size and have reversible cotton pillow covers to ensure that you have a comfortable sleeping place. These pillowcases are a great gift for cat owners since they can be used every day. 

2. Grow-Your-Own Catnip Kit

This is the perfect gift for a cat lover with an interest in gardening. This growing kit has everything you need to grow your own catnip. The kit includes plant seed starters, detailed growing instructions, and a reusable mini greenhouse that fits on your windowsill.  

3. Cat Crew Socks

These cute cat-themed socks come in six different colors and can be rotated throughout the week. They are a comfortable fit and can be worn in any weather. 

4. Outdoor Cat Tent

This enclosure allows indoor cats to enjoy the great outdoors and a day in the sun safe from predators. Can be used on your lawn, balcony, deck, and more. 

5. Cat Litter Box

This is an extra-large litter box that is spacious for all cat breeds. It is comfortable and allows cats to move freely without restrictions. 

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6. Cat Themed Welcome Mat

This cat-themed welcome mat is quirky and is a good conversation starter. It is a nice way of welcoming your guests and a funny way of letting them know that you are a cat lover. 

7. Pet massager for cats

Pets also deserve a spa day. This handy device features four massagers made of ABS soft brush. These massagers carefully move in both clockwise and anticlockwise motions, giving your cat an unforgettable massage experience. 

8. Pineapple Cat Bed

This cozy and cute cat bed will brighten up any room. The bed features a soft and removable cushion that is easy to clean. It is the perfect pet bed where your feline friend can get some rest. 

9. Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

Any cat owner will be overjoyed when they receive an electric heated cat bed. This bed is thermostatically controlled to warm automatically to your cat’s normal body temperature and is only heated when your kitty is in the bed. Your kitty will be warm at all times. 

10. Stylish Cat Toys

These toys are perfect for cats and their playful nature. The SmartyKat Mouse Mates are made from high-quality materials and are guaranteed to put your cat on the chase. 

11. Cat Collar 

This fancy cat collar is made of high-quality weather and is durable and soft. The collar is comfortable and is perfect for outdoor cats. 

12. Cat Tree

Cats love finding spots off the ground to sit and watch their humans. This cat tree not only provides a comfortable place for your cat to perch but also has a scratching toy and an activity center.   

13. Catnip Toys

These catnip-packed mice toys stimulate cats, giving them the most satisfying playtimes. The toys have realistic size and shape which trigger an instinctive response in cats. These are the perfect toys for your feline friend to play with. 

14. Cat earrings

This is the perfect gift to get your special someone if she is a cat lover. These earrings feature a simple but sophisticated design and would look good on any earring wearer. They can be worn to work, for dinner, or just for every day. 

15. Cat dad t-shirt

This awesome t-shirt would make a perfect gift for any cat dad. The t-shirt is light and comfortable and would make a hilarious gift for men. 

16. Women’s cat pajama set

This pajama set is made of high-quality pajama fabric and is soft, stretchy, comfortable, and breathable, to ensure that you get a peaceful night’s sleep. The pajama set also features playful designs of your favorite animal and a polka dot pattern. 

17. Cat Mama Coffee Mug

This cat mama coffee mug lets you enjoy a relaxing morning with your favorite beverage. The cup is printed with the highest quality materials that can guarantee its long life. This gift will surely put a smile on any cat lover’s face. 

18. Cat candle

This cat candle has a modern and gothic design. The black angular cat candle melts to reveal a metal cat skeleton. This candle design will create a cozy atmosphere for cat lovers everywhere. The spooky design and skeleton surprise make this unique candle the perfect gift for any witchy cat lover. The candle has a burning time of approximately 20 hours. 

19. Cat headphones

This set of gaming headphones decorates your head like a cat-eared headband. The headphones have surround sound, allowing you to feel more details in the game world. These headphones are perfect for a cat lover who is also a gamer. 

20. Cat-themed school supplies

These cat-themed school supplies are the perfect gift for a school friend who needs some quiet reading time. The school supplies set features 1 piece canvas transformer pencil holder, 6 pieces cat gel ink pens, 6 pieces cat sticky notes in 6 colors, 1 set of cute lucky cat notes in 8 different styles, and 60 pieces of cat paper clips  

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21. Cat Butt Magnets

These cheeky cat butt magnets are a sure way of starting a conversation. They are funny fridge decorations and cat lovers would get a kick out of them. These fluffy tails are the perfect gift for a cat lover with a wicked sense of humor. 

22. Cat Pens

This set of lightweight pens features 6 pieces of cute cat pens with three different cute cats colors. The pens have a cap topper with the cat design and will give your favorite cat lover the best writing experience.

23. Cat Decorated Notebook

If your cat lover friend is always scribbling down notes, what better gift to give them than a cat decorated notebook? This cute cat-lined notebook features quirky designs of cute cats. The notebook comes in paperback and lined paper and has a matte cover. 

24. Cat string lights

Cat string lights are the best way to add ambiance and atmosphere to a home. The adorable cats make the string lights even cuter. These string lights can light up any room and are a thoughtful gift for any cat lover.

25. Cat shaped tea infusers

If your cat lover friend is an avid tea drinker, a cat-shaped tea infuser would make an adorable gift. These tea infusers are made from stainless steel and are more economical than using store-bought tea bags. They also give a more flavorful brew with a more robust aroma. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect gift for anyone is never an easy task. However, if you have a cat lover in your life, you can never go wrong with a cute cat-themed gift. With this guide, getting that purr-fect cat-themed gift for your favorite cat lover should be a bit easier. Which one is your favorite?

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