How to check your John Lewis gift card balance

There are three options available when it comes to checking your John Lewis gift card balance. You can check your John Lewis gift card balance online, you could visit your nearest John Lewis store, or you could contact the company’s customer service. 

One of the ways you can check your John Lewis gift card balance by phone. You can call the company’s custom service to find out the remaining balance on your gift card. When you call the customer service number, you have to choose the helpline extension for card balance. Once you have entered your gift card number, wait to be informed about your gift card balance. 

To check your John Lewis gift card balance online, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit John Lewis official website
  2. Go to the John Lewis Gift Card Balance Checker
  3. As you get access to the page, enter the 19-digit card number and 4-digit PIN
  4. Click the Check Balance button to view your gift card balance

The final option is to visit your nearest John Lewis. There, you can ask the cashier to check your gift card balance for you. You will have to provide your Card details such as your gift card number and PIN before you are told your balance.

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