Mastercard gift cards are great because they can be used to make purchases at any location where Mastercards are accepted.

You do not have to register your Mastercard gift card before using it in physical stores. However, if you wish to make a purchase online or by mail, you have to register your gift card first.

This is because purchases made online, via mail, and via telephone order require that the purchaser be verified with the card-issuing bank first.

Here is how to register Mastercard Gift cards:

  • Go to the Mastercard gift card registration page
  • Provide your Mastercard Gift card number and security code to register your card.
  • You can now use your Mastercard gift card for online purchases

Before you start using your gift card, do not forget to check your Mastercard gift card balance.

Important information on your Mastercard Gift card

Always record the following information from your Mastercard Gift card. You can write it on a notepad or take a picture of the card with your phone:

  • Gift card number
  • Card security code (found at the back of the card)
  • The customer service phone number

Having this information somewhere else apart from the gift card will ensure that you can still access the funds on the gift card even after you lose the card or in case the card gets stolen.

Using your Mastercard Gift card online

You can use your Mastercard gift card at all physical stores where Mastercard debit or credit cards are accepted in the US without having to register it.

That said, if you want to use your Mastercard gift card online, you have to register it first by following the steps above.

Once your Mastercard gift card is registered, you can use it to make purchases at most stores online. Just use it like you would a regular debit or credit card by providing the card details at checkout.

That said, some websites do not allow the use of prepaid gift cards like Mastercard gift cards, Amex Gift cards, and Visa gift cards.

Examples of these websites include hotel reservation websites, subscription sites, car rental services, and transactions outside the US.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Mastercard Gift cards expire?

Mastercard Gift cards do not expire. As long as you have a balance on them, you can keep using them.

That said, some Mastercard gift cards have a “valid thru” date. If your card reaches this date but there is still a balance on it, call Mastercard at (877)-322-4710 to have a replacement gift card with the same balance reissued and mailed to you at no extra cost.

Do Mastercard Gift cards have inactivity fees?

No, Mastercard Gift cards do not have inactivity fees. There are no extra fees after you purchase the gift card.

Can you top up a Mastercard gift card?

No, you cannot top up or reload a Mastercard gift card. Once the balance on the card is depleted, it cannot be used anymore and should be disposed.

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