how to get a cvs extracare card

A CVS ExtraCare Card is a useful little card with a lot of benefits for anyone who shops at CVS regularly. If you have been thinking about how to get your hands on one, you have come to the right place.

There are two ways to get a CVS ExtraCare Card. The first way is to go to your local CVS Pharmacy and fill out a form at the customer care desk with your name, email, and address. Once you do, you will receive your CVS ExtraCare Card and you can start using it immediately. The second way is to sign up for the ExtraCare Program online. You will receive your ExtraCare card in the mail within a week.

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What is CVS ExtraCare?

CVS ExtraCare is a CVS Pharmacy rewards program where you can get ExtraSavings for your purchases.

ExtraSavings are instant savings that you get for shopping at CVS. For every purchase you make, you also get points that are converted into Extra Bucks or Beauty Bucks. ExtraBucks can be used to buy anything in CVS stores while BeautyBucks can only buy beauty products.

Benefits of using a CVS ExtraCare Card

  • You get discounted prices on almost every item in the store
  • You can use the ExtraCare Coupon Center, which is the big red machine in the store, to get daily coupons and discounts
  • You get a $0.25 bag tag every time you shop with a reusable CVS canvas grocery bag. This can be redeemed after four shopping sessions or when you hit $1.
  • You get ExtaBucks and Beauty bucks, which can be redeemed for purchases in the store

How to save money buying gift cards with CVS ExtraCare

CVS offers ExtraBucks on the purchase of gift cards. This works great for bulk gift card purchases or frequent gift card purchases. You will earn a few EBs for every gift card purchased, which can quickly add up and turn into a lot of savings.

How much does CVS ExtraCare cost?

CVS ExtraCare is free to join. You can join by visiting any CVS store or by using the CVS website or mobile app.

What is CVS CarePass?

CVS CarePass is a delivery program that is open to all CVS ExtraCare members. It allows you to get free one- or two-day delivery for all purchases made on

CVS CarePass costs $5 a month. There is also an annual plan that costs $48.

The disadvantages of CVS ExtraCare

There are a few downsides to this rewards program:

  • ExtraBucks expire 30 days after they are printed. If you do not use them within this time, you forfeit them.
  • Household limits are applied to purchases. You can only purchase a certain number of the same item and get EBs for the purchases. Any items more above that number will not generate EBs. However, you will still get the discounted membership price.
  • ExtraBucks are linked to your CVS ExtraCare Card. You need your CVS card to redeem them. You cannot also use someone else’s ExtraBucks.
  • You can only haveone CVS Card per household. Siging up everyone in your family is against the rules and could get you penalized.
  • There is no cashback. If you have $5.00 worth of EBs and you make a $4.69 purchase, you will not get $0.31 in change. Therefore, always make sure your purchases are almost equal to the EB amounts that you have.

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