Considering we order almost everything on Amazon, it is almost certain that you’ll experience issues at one point and you’ll have to contact Amazon’s customer support to make changes to an order, initiate a return, track down a lost order, or troubleshoot an Amazon device. However, most online retailers are known to have notoriously frustrating customer service. 

Amazon offers a wide range of services. You can order a variety of household essentials ranging from clothes to groceries on their platform. They also offer streaming services on Prime Video, eBooks on Amazon Kindle, and games on Amazon Games. 

Thankfully, Amazon has reliable customer service. One of the most reliable ways of getting help with your Amazon account or order is to visit Amazon’s customer service page. The customer service page has a very user-friendly user interface that allows you to get the answer to most of the questions in just a few clicks. 

If you need help managing the details on your account, tracking down an order that is yet to arrive, reloading a gift card, getting help for a lost or stolen gift card, requesting a refund, or troubleshooting devices, Amazon has several Help pages dedicated to solving these issues.

If your problem is complicated, the following article contains guidelines on how you can contact Amazon customer support who will help you solve the problem. 

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How do I reach a live customer service representative at Amazon?

Amazon, like most retailers now, prefers connecting you to a bot first when you opt to contact Amazon by phone or use Amazon’s live chat. The bot will try to take care of simple issues. However, if your problem is more than the bot can handle, you’ll then be connected with a real customer service representative. 

How to contact Amazon customer service by phone

One way you can contact Amazon customer service is by phone. The Amazon phone number is 1-888-280-4331. The Amazon customer service number is live 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, it is important to note that you may have to wait for a while before you are connected with their customer service. You’ll also be required to answer a series of questions from a customer service bot. 

Before contacting Amazon by phone, you need to have a smartphone. In addition, the smartphone needs to be linked to your Amazon account. This way, it will be easy to verify your identity as required by Amazon. To confirm your identity, the customer service representative will send you a verification code via text message before you share your issue or start asking questions. 

How to contact Amazon by chat

Alternatively, you could contact Amazon customer support by chat. To contact Amazon by chat, go to and select ‘Start chatting now.’ A pop-up chat window will appear and you can type a question into the text box at the bottom of the window. You can submit your question by clicking ‘Send’ or by hitting Enter on your keyboard. 

You can also contact Amazon by chat by selecting the ‘Help’ option under the ‘Let Us Help You’ column which is found at the bottom right of any page on Amazon. Scroll down and select ‘Need More Help?’ and then click ‘Contact Us.’

It is also possible to contact Amazon by chat using the mobile app. Tap on the three-line icon at the bottom right corner of your screen and select ‘Customer Service.’ Scroll down and click ‘Something else.’ On the new page, click on ‘I need more help’ to start chatting with Amazon customer service. 

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How to email Amazon customer service

If you want to contact Amazon by email, there are only two mail addresses available that you can use to contact Amazon customer support. This method is not as effective since it may take several hours or even days for Amazon to respond to an email. Usually, they’ll respond within 48 hours, but it may take longer. As such, unless your Amazon account has been banned, it is more convenient to try the other methods first. 

Nonetheless, sending an email creates a record of your correspondence. Therefore, it might be the best way of addressing some issues. If you have any issues with your Amazon account or billing, the email you should use is For general inquiries, you should send an email to  

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How to contact Amazon via social media

It is also possible to contact Amazon customer support on social media. If this is your method of preference, you can Tweet, comment, or hashtag one of Amazon’s accounts. This method, however, is not as efficient as the methods mentioned above. That said, social media allows you to air a problem that would potentially result in your issue being addressed more thoroughly by the company. Just remember that this isn’t always the case. 

You can contact Amazon customer support on Twitter @amazonhelp. Their Instagram account is @amazon, and their Facebook page is

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How to contact a seller on Amazon

Amazon is a platform that has multiple third-party sellers. As such, some of the issues cannot be properly solved by Amazon customer support unless you contact the seller yourself. 

You can contact a specific seller on Amazon by visiting or by opening the Alexa app. Visit the page with the item from the seller. Click on the seller’s name which is indicated below the Buy Now button. On the next page, click Ask a Question to start a chat with the seller. 

Amazon provides a platform that allows you to have a chat log and respond to messages from the seller on the Buyer-Seller Messages page. However, you cannot start a new conversation here. 

To access this on a desktop browser, select Your Account and then click List in the top-right corner of the window. You will be able to access your chat log on Your Messages. 

If you are using your phone, you can access the messages by visiting and then clicking the Hello, (your name) button on the top right corner of your screen. The chat log will be on Your Messages.  

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