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In this guide, we will explain how to find a wish list on Amazon. We will also highlight how to buy someone something from their Amazon wishlist.

You can find someone’s wishlist on Amazon by hovering over Accounts & Lists, choosing Find a List or Registry, then selecting the Your Friends option.

How to find wish list on Amazon

Getting your loved one a present off of their Amazon wish list can be a sure way to put a smile on their face. So, how to find someone’s Amazon wishlist in the first place?

Well, how you access the wish list will depend on the creator’s privacy settings. An Amazon wish list can either be private or public.

Amazon’s find a wish list makes it very easy to find someone’s wish list on Amazon. Here is a look at how to find a public wish list on Amazon and when the list is set to private.

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How do I find a public wish list on Amazon?

If the Amazon wish list you are looking for is set to public, here is how you can access it:

Method 1: The quick way how to find someone Amazon wish list

Quickly find someone’s wishlist on Amazon by hovering over Accounts & Lists, then select Find a List or Registry. Click the Your Friends tab to see all your Amazon friends’ registries and lists.

find a list or registry

You can also access your friends’ baby registries or wedding registries by hovering over Accounts & Lists, selecting Find a List or Registry, then choosing Baby Registry or Wedding Registry. This will prompt you to enter your friend’s name in the Search field, which will then give you access to their registry.

baby registry wedding registry amazon

Method 2: The not-so-quick Amazon wish list find method

  • Click the Accounts & Lists button. This will take you to Your Account page with various account options and settings.
  • You are looking for the Your Lists option, which should be somewhere at the bottom of the page.
accounts and lists amazon
  • Clicking Your Lists will take you to the lists page. This page has 3 tabs: Your Lists, Your Idea Lists, and Your Friends.
  • The Your Lists and Your Idea Lists tabs allow you to create your own shopping lists and wish lists.
  • To find someone else’s wish list, click on the Your Friends tab.
  • This page will be empty if none of your friends have shared their lists with you. You can ask your friends to share their lists with you by sending them a quick readymade message. This can be done in two ways: you can copy the message to your clipboard and send it through another app or you could send it directly via email by clicking the button provided.
your friends amazon wish list

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How to find Amazon wish list if it set to private

If your friend’s Amazon wishlist privacy settings have been set to private, they are the only ones who can view that list. However, if you want to view their list, you can do so by asking them to invite you to their list.

They can do this by navigating to their list then clicking the invite button at the top:

inviting to a private wishlist on amazon

Clicking this link will allow them to either send a View Only invite or a View and Edit invite. A View Only invite will allow them to view your list without making edits. A View and Edit invite will allow them to view and edit your list as they wish, which means they will be able to add or remove items from your list as they wish.

How to find an Amazon wishlist for a friends’ wedding, baby registry, or birthday gift list

You can also search for Amazon wish lists from your friend’s wedding registry, baby registry, or birthday gift list and buy items directly from these lists. Here’s how to find someone’s registry on Amazon:

  • Hover over Accounts & Lists and select Find a List or Registry
  • Select Baby Registry, Wedding Registry, or Birthday Gift List from the menu at the top.
baby registry wedding registry birthday wish list
  • Type in your friend’s name in the search bar and click search.
  • The Amazon wishlist search will bring up a list of potential matches.
  • You can now select your friend’s profile and view their list.
  • You may find that there are multiple people with the same name as your friend. Or perhaps your friend’s name won’t be immediately visible in the list. In either case, consider refining your search in the box to the left.
amazon baby registry

How to buy from someone’s Amazon wish list

This is how to purchase an item from an Amazon Wish List:

Your friend needs to first share an Amazon wish list with you before you can purchase from it. Once they have created their Amazon wish list and shared their list with you, you will be able to see what items they need and purchase them.

For your convenience, you can also sort the items on the list based on your preferred criteria like the price, title, and priority. To do this, choose your criteria from the sort and filter menu.

Here’s how to buy an item from your friend’s Amazon wish list or registry:

  1. Click on the item you want to purchase.
  2. Select Add to cart. You will likely have to confirm your selection in a pop-up window immediately after this. If you see it pop up, just click Add to Cart again.
  3. At this point, you can specify if you want the item wrapped and whether or not it should be accompanied by a message. Do this by selecting Gifting Options and exploring the options available there.
  4. Go on to the checkout page. If your friend added a shipping address to their registry list, select this address by clicking Other addresses. Doing this will have the gift delivered to them by Amazon. You can also ship directly to them if you want by manually adding their address yourself.
  5. Confirm your payment information then click Place your order.

Important to know:

  • If your friend provides a shipping address, the item will be automatically removed from their wishlist when you buy it. If you manually add an address or if you ship it to yourself to give as a gift in person, the item will not be automatically removed from the list.
  • Once you place the order, you will receive status updates about the package in your email. The person you are buying it for will not know about it until they receive it.
  • If the owner of the wishlist tries to purchase an item from the wish list on their own, if the item has already been bought but not removed from the list, Amazon will let them know that it may have already been bought. At this point, if they so choose, the owner of the wish list can see who purchased the item for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions on how to find wish list on Amazon

How do I find a public Amazon wish list on Amazon?

Finding a public wish list on Amazon is simple because you do not need to have a link to access it. You can find Amazon wish list by name. Here’s the step by step Amazon wish list find method when looking for a public wish list on Amazon:

  1. Go to the search page. You can do that in two ways: go to Accounts and Lists > Your lists > your friends or by clicking on the find a registry tab.
  2. Find Amazon wish list by name by filling in the name of whoever’s list you are looking for and click on search.
  3. The Amazon wish list search will bring up a list of names and cities of potential matches.
  4. Look through the results to see the person’s name and view their wish list. Alternatively, you could add them to your list of friends by clicking on add friend and view their list from there.

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