How to find an Amazon wish list

Amazon wish lists are a sure way to get someone a gift that they actually like. This guide will show you how to find Amazon wishlist using different devices like Android and iOS devices and also using different operating systems like Windows 10 or macOS.

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FAQ on how to find someone’s wish list on Amazon

1. How to find a Wish List on Amazon App

Amazon has a dedicated app that you can use to find someone’s wish list. You can use this app on any iOS or Android device.

If someone has shared their wish list with you, you can access it by going to your Amazon account on your phone and clicking on the menu icon, and selecting Your Lists. Then select whoever’s wish list you want to access.

2. How to find someone’s Amazon Wish List from an iPhone or Android device

You can use the Amazon App to find someone’s Amazon wish list whether you are using an iPhone or Android device. The app is identical on both Operating systems.

You can access someone’s Amazon wish list provided they have shared their wishlist with you. Here is how to go about it:

Go to your Amazon account on your Android or iOS phone >> click on the menu icon and select Your Lists >> Select whoever’s wish list you want to access.

3. How to find someone’s Amazon Wish List from a Windows 10 or Mac PC

Whether you are using a Windows 10 device or a Mac PC, you will be using a browser to find Amazon wishlist. The operating system doesn’t matter.

To find someone’s Amazon wish list on a Windows 10 or Mac PC, go to your Amazon account >>Accounts and Lists >> Your Lists

You will then see a tab that reads Your Friends. Here, you’ll see your friends’ wish lists.

If someone hasn’t shared their Amazon wish list with you, you can request them to do so by pressing on Send A Message under the Your Friends tab.

4. How can I find someone’s Amazon Wish List on an Amazon Kindle Reader?

If you want to find a gift for an avid reader, you can use your Amazon Kindle Reader to access their wish list and get them something to read.

To find Amazon wishlist on Kindle, go to your Kindle device and go to the Amazon App >> Go to List or Registry to find different books >> select whatever book you want to purchase

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5. How do I add items from other retailers to my Amazon Wish List?

You can definitely add items from other websites or retailers to your Amazon wish list. You do that using Amazon Assistant.

To add items from other retailers to your Amazon wish list, go to Amazon Assistant and click Install Now and follow all the prompts >> Then go to the item you want from another retailer >> Click on the Amazon Assistant icon and open your list >> Choose Add to Your List

Please note that:

  • If that particular item is also on Amazon, you will be notified.
  • Whoever has access to your Amazon wish list will see the non Amazon items on your wish list. They will be given the Shop this Store option. If they select it, they can make purchases but the purchases will occur outside Amazon.
  • When you buy an item outside Amazon, all transactions will take place outside Amazon. This means that the seller will charge your card, ship the item, and handle everything regarding your order outside Amazon. They will not access your shipping address through Amazon because Amazon does not give out personal information to third parties.

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6. How can I create an Amazon Wish List in Amazon App?

This is how to create a wishlist in the Amazon App:

  1. First download and install the Amazon app. It’s available for both Android and iOS.
  2. Next, open the app to find the home page. You’ll see the 3 line icon. Click on Your Lists.
  3. Select View Lists
  4. Click on Create a List and create a name for your Amazon Wish list.
  5. Select Create List.

7. How does Amazon wish list work for sellers?

Amazon wish lists are important for sellers because they help them analyze the customers’ buying habits. Amazon has a Seller App that helps Amazon sellers come up with product ideas. The app has a feature called Most Wished that gives sellers insights into what product buyers really want. It basically shows the sellers the demand a particular product has plus the profit margins, overhead costs, competition, etc.

8. Your Amazon Wish List is public by default. Tell me the best way to keep it private

You are probably wondering, How can I make my wish list private?

To make your Amazon wish list private, open your wish list and go to Manage Your Lists. Then choose either Private or Shared from the drop-down menu displayed. Choose Submit to save the changes.

9. How do I add items to my Amazon Wishlists?

You add items to your Amazon wishlist by going to your Wish list and selecting Add Idea to List. You can also add items to your Amazon wish list by tapping on the Add to List option on the item’s product details page.

10. Are Amazon wish lists anonymous?

You can make your Amazon wish list anonymous by going to your privacy settings and restricting access to your wish list. You have 3 options: 

  • Public: It will be accessible to everyone
  • Private: It will only be accessible to you
  • Shared: Anyone with the link can access it

11. How to find out if strangers bought something from your wish list

Whenever an item from your wish list is purchased, it will disappear from the list. So if a stranger bought something from your wish list it will disappear from your wish list. This helps avoid the issue of duplicate purchases.

12. How can I manage my wish list privacy?

You can manage your wish list privacy by changing the settings to either Public (accessible to everyone), private (only accessible to you), or shared( accessible to the people that have your link)

13. How can I manage my shipping address on my wish list?

You can choose any shipping address when you purchase from an Amazon wish list. Your default address is usually the one you provided when creating the wish list. Anyone who accesses your wish list will only see your city, name, and state. Everything else like your street address or house number is hidden.

If you want to change your wish list shipping address, follow these steps:

  • Go to Account & Lists then select your wish list
  • Click on the three dots and choose manage list
  • Go to shipping address section then choose Create New
  • Fill in the new shipping address then save. If you want to make it your default address, click on Ship to this address.

Final Thoughts on how to find amazon wishlist

If you don’t have a wish list yet and want to learn how to make an Amazon wish list, you can read our Amazon wish list guide. You can also read more about Amazon registries and whether Amazon registries are worth it.

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