Does Walgreens sell Nike gift cards

Nike is one of the leading producers and distributors of athleticwear and leisurewear around the globe. A gift card for Nike would be perfect for the sneakerhead or fitness fanatic on your gift list.

There are plenty of ways to get a Nike gift card. They are available on the Nike website and in Nike retail stores around the country, among other third-party retailers.

So, does Walgreens sell Nike gift cards? Unfortunately, there are no Nike gift cards at Walgreens, whether online or in their physical stores. Although some retail stores act as third-party distributors for Nike gift cards, some, such as Walgreens, do not.

Here is a list of all the gift cards you can buy at Walgreens.

Read on for more information on Nike gift cards and how they can be used.

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How do I check my Nike gift card balance?

Finding the balance on your Nike gift card takes a series of simple steps. It also ensures you are on top of your finances and helps avoid inconveniences at the checkout counter.

Here is what to do to find out how much is on your Nike gift card:

  1. Go to the official Nike website.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. On the left section, you will see a link labeled “gift cards”.
  3. When you click on it, you will be directed to the gift cards section of the website. At the top of this page, you will see a button asking you to check your balance. Tap on it.
  4. On this new page, you will be required to enter your gift card number and PIN. These details are found at the back of the card. If you received a digital card, you will find them in the original gift card email.
  5. Click on the check balance button after entering these details and your balance will be displayed on the screen.

You can also check your balance in-store. To do this, present it to the cashier at the checkout counter and ask that they check your balance for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Do they sell gift cards at Walgreens?

Yes, they do. You can get gift cards for your favorite brands in the food, gaming, beverage, travel, and lifestyle sectors at Walgreens. They have gift cards for about 38 companies. The cards can be purchased from the Walgreens website as well as in physical locations. They are located in the cards section and sometimes they are near the checkout aisles.

How do I redeem my Nike gift card?

You can use your Nike gift card to pay for your purchases in the Nike store and on the official Nike website. In the store, simply present the gift card at the payment counter. If you are redeeming the card online, there is a section that asks “Do you have a gift card, product voucher, or promo code?”

Check the box and then enter the gift card number and PIN and click apply. The amount on the gift card will be taken out of the total. You can also use an additional payment method.

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Final Thoughts

A Nike gift card is a perfect gift for an athletic enthusiast or anyone looking for loungewear. They are easily available in-store and on the website but some third-party retailers such as Walgreens do not stock them.

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