Gift cards are a way of showing love that transcends all occasions. They come in handy when the recipient is rather particular, or when you are trying to beat the holidays shopping rush. Gift cards to food and beverage companies like Starbucks, for example, are always appreciated with a smile.

Starbucks gift cards are easy to get since you can find them in their restaurants, their website, and third-party retailing stores like Target and Publix. Keep reading the article to learn more about Starbucks gift cards.

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How do I check my Starbucks gift card balance?

You can find out the amount of money left on your Starbucks card in a few simple steps. Doing this helps you get your finances in order so that you are not caught unawares at the payment counter. Here is what to do to check your balance:

  1. Go to the official Starbucks website.
  2. At the top left corner of the screen, there is a link labeled gift cards. Click on it.
  3. This will direct you to the gift card section. Scroll until you see a button with the words “check balance”. Click on it.
  4. A new screen will appear. Enter the 16-digit card number and the 8-digit security code in the spaces provided. If you have a plastic card, these details are found at the back of the card. For virtual cards, they are found in the original Starbucks email.
  5.  Click on the check balance button and the amount on your Starbucks Card will be displayed on the screen.

You can also check your balance at any of their locations. Simply present the card to an attendant and ask that they check your balance for you. An alternative would be to call the toll-free Starbucks number, which is 800-782-7282, and ask that your balance be checked for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Publix sell Dunkin Donuts gift cards?

Unlike some retail stores, Publix does not stock and sell Dunkin Donuts gift cards. There are, however, various methods you can use to buy a Dunkin Donuts gift card. This is by going to a physical location, buying them online, or locating a third-party vendor who sells them.

What type of gift cards does Publix sell?

Although they do not stock Starbucks gift cards, you can find gift cards for many brands at Publix. You should note that the gift cards are not sold on the Publix website. They are found in the gift card section of some stores and at the checkout aisle in others.

Can I reload my Starbucks gift card?

Yes, you can. This can be done by going to the gift cards section of the Starbucks website and clicking on the reload button. You will be required to log in before you can reload it using your credit or debit card.

Final thoughts

Starbucks is one of the leading coffee houses in the country and a gift card would be useful to anyone. They are also readily available at restaurants or in stores such as Publix. I hope that after reading this article you know how to get a Starbucks card and check its balance.

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