Receiving gifts always puts a smile on one’s face as they show that you are thinking of the recipient and you love them. In some cases, however, it gets a little tricky when you want to give a gift to a particular person or one that you’ve recently met, it gets a little tricky.

If you plan on giving a token of appreciation to someone who, say, enjoys arts and crafts, a gift card to Hobby Lobby will suffice. There are different ways you could buy a Hobby Lobby gift card. However, third-party retailers like Publix do not stock the cards online or in their stores.

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How do I check my Hobby Lobby gift card balance?

Here are the steps to follow to see how much you have left to spend on your Hobby Lobby gift card:

  1. Go to the Hobby Lobby website.
  2. Scroll to the bottom left corner of the page. There, you will see a link labeled “gift cards”. Click on it.
  3. You will be directed to the gift cards page. Right at the top, there is a link to check your card balance. Click on the button.
  4. The next page will contain a form requesting you to enter your card number and PIN. These details are found at the back of your gift card. 
  5. Put in the details and click the check balance button. The amount left on your card will be displayed on the screen.

You can also have your balance checked at the Hobby Lobby location near you. Simply present the card to an attendant or at the payment counter and request that they check your balance for you. 

There are also a couple of toll-free numbers you can call to be assisted with this. You will need to have your gift card in hand since you will be asked for your card number and PIN. The numbers to dial are 1-800-888-0321 and 1-855-329-7060.

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Frequently asked questions

What stores sell Hobby Lobby gift cards?

Hobby Lobby, unfortunately, has no third-party retailers that stock their gift cards. This leaves you with only two ways of getting gift cards. This is by going to a physical Hobby Lobby location or by purchasing a card from the gift card section of their website.

How do I redeem my Hobby Lobby gift card?

You can use your Hobby Lobby gift card to pay for items in the store and on the website. To make payments on the website using your gift card, you will be required to enter the card number and PIN in the gift card section of the payment page.

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Final words

Hobby Lobby gift cards are the perfect gifts for do-it-yourself and crafting enthusiasts. However, the gift cards can be a little difficult to purchase from Publix and other retail stores since they are only available in the Hobby Lobby store and on the website. They also do not sell e-gift cards.

I hope this article has provided you with useful information on Hobby Lobby gift cards. Cheers!

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