10 Best Harem Pants for Women

Harem pants have been around for a long time. They have a rich history that spans centuries, having been worn by men and women in many countries: from the Middle East to Paris and countless countries in between. Over the years, more and more unique harem pants designs have come up and their popularity has only continued to grow.

Today, harem pants are known by many names; drop crotch, harem trousers, billowy trousers, hippy pants, gypsy pants, elephant pants, and more. Whatever name you know them by, we have compiled a list of some of the best ones you can buy today.

Quick Answer: Best Harem Pants for Women

These are the best harem pants for women:

  1. Thaluta Women’s Harem Pants – Top Choice for Best Harem Pants for Women
  2. BaishenGGT Floral Print Elastic Women’s Harem Pants – Best Loose Harem Pants
  3. B Bangkok Pants Women’s Harem Pants – Best Harem Pants with Elastic Waist
  4. B Bangkok Pants Women’s Hippie Pants – Best Bold Print Harem Pants
  5. Avacostume High Slit Harem Pants – Best Uniquely Designed Harem Pants
  6. Lu’s Chic Thai Harem Pants – Best Thai Harem Pants
  7. B Bangkok Pants Boho Harem Pants – Best Harem Pants for Travel
  8. Fitglam Loose Casual Lounge Harem Pants – Best Harem Pants for Yoga
  9. Ellazhu Baggy Harem Pants – Best Harem Pants with Lightweight Fabric
  10. Spiritual Gangster Women’s Harem Pants – Best Hippy Pants for Women

Best Harem Pants for Women

Are harem pants in style in 2022?

Harem pants are still super trendy in 2022. People fell in love with them when they had their renaissance in the late 2010s, and they do not seem to be going anywhere any time soon. They are very comfortable pants that look amazing on any body type; what’s not to love about them?

What is the best fabric for harem pants?

The harem pants you choose need to feel loose and comfortable. Go for a breathable fabric that is lightweight, flexible, and moves well.

The best fabrics for harem pants are cotton, silk, chiffon, jersey, and georgette. For your outfit to really pop, choose a light color or harem pants that feature a bold print on them.

Final Thoughts

Harem pants are extremely versatile pants that every woman absolutely has to have in their wardrobe. Whatever your needs may be, we are sure you’ll find a pair that works for you in this list.

Be sure to also check out our guides to choosing the best harem pants, harem pants for men, and harem shorts.

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