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Three-year-olds are full of curiosity with blossoming independence. Most kids this age are beginning to know what they want and will have more interests and opinions. Toys for kids this age should foster imaginative play and encourage group interaction. This will nurture the kid’s social skills.

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In this guide, we have compiled some of the best gift ideas for the three-year-old girl in your life. We’ll also tell you why we love them and where you can get your hands on them.

But first, here are some of our top picks:

Our Top Picks

1. Training bike

This bike is perfect for girls between 33 to 53 inches tall. It comes with a basket to put kid’s staff. The bike has a low-gearing pedal for easy pedaling and adjustable stem &saddle height for proper fit. Bike riding helps kids to gain independence and learn to cycle.

2. Acoustic guitar

The small pink guitar is an ideal gift for your girl to start memorizing fretboard and to learn how to play chords. It is a 30-inch product with soft nylon cords for fingers comfort. The guitar comes with all necessary accessories for a starter.

3. Modern dollhouse

This is a three floors wooden dollhouse joined by two staircases. It has five rooms which make it huge for plenty of fantasy. The front side is open for easy playing. The house has 12 pieces of doll furniture.

4. Wooden play food

Wooden food gift comprises fruits and vegetables to help develop role imaginary play-role, early childhood education. The set includes a chopping board, a knife, and a storage box. The gift helps the girl develop hand-eye coordination, creativity, and independent play.

5. Unicorn Backpack

This small denim backpack has five compartments and adjustable straps. It has a reflective logo for safety and a unique stuffed animal at the back. The parent should teach the girl how to arrange her school or traveling items in the bag’s compartments.

6. Princess Castle

Princess castle is a 4 feet tall celebration house with musical plays and fireworks lights. It has three stories, six rooms, furniture, and princess accessories. It helps the kid to play, become creative and improve role-play.

7. Starter kids’ fire tablet

A fire tablet is best for kids to learn and play games. The girl will gain various skills like creativity, attention, pre-reading, emotional, motor, listening, letter formation, and critical thinking. The box has silicone sticks, pretend-play costume pieces, alphabets letters, squiggle magic, and phonics.

8. Ball vacuum cleaner

Allow your girl to learn house chores using a ball vacuum cleaner with realistic sounds. The vacuum cleaner spins colorful beads around the clear cylinder for realism role-play. It includes a removable debris container, detachable wand, colorful balls, and a working suction.

9. Magnetic letters set

A three-year-old girl is now ready to read and write. The letter set is the best gift to help the kid learn the educational basics. This pack comprises 208 letters, a pen, an eraser, and a white writing board. The different compartments storage box allows the kid to arrange the letters for safe storage.

10. Wooden kitchen

Let your girl learn about kitchen setup, accessories, and electronics. The kid’s kitchen has a sturdy construction for safety while playing. It features pans, hanging pegs, a refrigerator, oven, washer dolls, microwave, and a freezer. There is also a hands-free-clip cordless phone.

11. A helmet

Your kid’s safety while riding a bike is very crucial. A helmet is a number one necessity when it comes to safety. The gift comes with protective gear knee, wrist, and elbow pads. It has adjustable straps for kids’ best fit. In addition, the inner side has a thickened sponge for impact resistance and a breathable foam for ventilation.

12. Ice cream counter

This is a comprehensive ice cream set to help kids learn and play. It comprises two cones, a wooden counter, spoon, scoops, toppings, pretends dollars, tongs, cones, scooper, and a cup. The girl will play with her friends to make and sell ice cream using the imagination set.

13. Felt Shapes Flannel Board

With 144pieces, the board helps the kid fascinate, imagine and create various pictures, animals, and shapes. The parent can hang the board on a wall or place it on a table or the floor. It is best for preschool early education and felt activity.

14. Pretend makeup station

Girls like staying beautiful. A makeup station with beauty requisites helps the kid to pretend play. The station comprises a makeup table, stool, and a mirror that produces magical music while opening. The accessories include a comb, bracelets, perfume bottles, hairdryer, hair ties, lip-gloss, and rings.

15. A scooter

A kid requires doing exercises severally for healthy growing. A scooter is the best gift to help your kid burn body calories and have fun. This scooter has a stem lock for kids’ safety and durability. It also has PU luminous wheels that light while spinning.

16. Doctor kit playset

This is a pretend-play doctors’ set containing 25 pieces to inspect and treat patients. It includes a thermometer, ID badge, tweezers, syringe, activity cards, blood pressure cuff, reflex hammer, and stethoscope. It encourages nurturing, empathetic, and imaginative play and helps to ease the stress associated with doctor-patient visits.

17. Playdate Elsa Doll

If a girl does not have a sister or a brother to play with, a playdate doll is a perfect gift for them. The playdate doll comes with snowflake lights with ice power sounds in a dark sea dress. Elsa recites  12 film-inspired educational sayings. The kid will have a fun moment with the playmate doll.

18. Audio player starter set

This is an innovative and comical audio player for three years kids. The set comes with Tonie’s characters for imagination development. The player starts when you place Tonie’s accessories on the box. 

19. A water doodle mat

The drawing mat comprises a roller stamp, drawing template, magic pens, mold, and drawing booklet. This magic drawing mat requires a pen filled with water only to make drawings. The drawings disappear after 3 to 10 minutes. The mat helps your girl develop creative and painting skills, play with friends, and improve hand-eye coordination and color perception.

20. Kids selfie camera

Taking photos is fun and helps to save memorable moments and pictures. The portable camera allows the kid to take clear photos of herself, family and friends, animals, and sceneries. It is a creative way to play and to develop talented photographers.

What to consider when choosing the best gifts for a three-year-old girl

The best gifts for three-year-old girls have to check a number of boxes:

– It should inspire active play

Go for a toy that will keep the kid busy. The toy should allow her to pull, push, build, and dissect. This will keep her interested in the toy.

– Variety

The toy should have more than one use. Such a toy will improve her imagination and creativity.

– Should encourage creative thinking

The toy should pose a challenge to the child, but it shouldn’t frustrate her. The toy should be on the margin of the child’s growing capacities.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it; our ultimate list of some of the best gifts for three-year-old girls that you can buy today. Hopefully, you will find the perfect toys that will check off all of your boxes.

As you can see, what you get a three year old girl is different from what you’d get a one, two, or four year old girl. It’s also different from what you’d get a three year old boy.

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