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One-year-olds are more interactive in their play and are enthusiastic about their toys. Most one-year-olds aren’t picky and will play with almost anything. They may even be as excited by the packaging as they are by the actual toy. As such, getting a toy that will truly capture their attention can be a challenge.

Most one-year-olds will have already begun developing their own unique personalities, preferences, and skills. They are also developing their sensory and motor skills. The best gifts for a one-year-old girl should help her with their growth and development while complementing her unique personality and skills.

In this guide, we have assembled a list of some of the best gift ideas for the one-year-old girl in your life. We’ll also tell you why we love them and where you can get your hands on them. Add them all to your little one’s birthday registry!

Let’s begin!

Our Top Picks

1. Toddler Tricycle

A toddler tricycle helps the parent push her baby while moving around the compound or on the streets. It has removable accessories that allow the product to grow with your child. The tricycle is safe for outdoor use with a UV canopy for protection.

2. Girl Doll, accessories, and clothes

A doll is a playing partner to the little kid, and it comprises; a girl doll, skating shoes, a piece of clothes, love stickers, a headband, and a mobile phone. There is also a wristband and a color bar skirt. The accessories help the little girl learn how to dress as she dresses her doll. All accessories are of high quality.

3. Pretend playbook

The playbook has a board game that helps to improve the baby’s memory and attention time. There are animal masks to help the girl develop role-play. It also has board books, a rhyming card, and a first-words poster.

4. Play Kit

Girls at one year old are playful. The play kit has all the necessary accessories and toys for your baby girl. This set is light and compact for easy storage. It is also safe with non-toxic paints and durable for your baby to use for a longer time. 

5. Baby Balance Bike

A balance bike is a no-pedal bike perfect for a year-old child and above. It has a patent design with fully enclosed wheels to prevent clamping your girls’ feet. The balance bike helps in outdoor and indoor fun.

6. Balls Popper Toy

Babies put the balls in the toy to watch them pop, drop and roll. Kids can learn motor skills using the popper toy.

7. Baby Walker

A baby-walker helps a child to make her the first steps. It also aids in maintaining walking balance. The walker plays music when she walks or presses on the bear’s belly. It encourages role-play and early nurturing.

8. An Air Purifier

Once the baby is one year old, she is literary everywhere in the house. In this case, the house needs to be clean and free from germs to avoid the baby getting contaminants in her mouth or skin. The air purifier filters allergies, dust, odors, smoke, and mold. It reduces germs in a room and acts as a UV light sanitizer leaving the whole house pure.

9. Baby’s hook on Feeding Chair

The feeding chair helps the baby enjoy her meals while seated at the dining table with the family. It has a safety harness belt to prevent the baby from falling and a compact design that fits in a backpack when folded.

10. Baby Toys Airplane

The electric-moving airplane is a perfect gift to encourage a one-year-old girl to crawl or walk. It has soothing melodies, flashlights, and take-off sound effects that keep the baby active. The airplane toy is safe with no sharp corners or toxic chemicals.

11. Baby Pajamas Outfit Set

Pajamas are perfect for kids to sleep on them. The polyester clothes are flame resistant and chemical-free to ensure kids’ safety. The set has three different-colored pajamas with zip closure.

12. Baby swing

The baby swing is both an outdoor and indoor sports item. It is sturdy to avoid falling with the baby. It comes with a safety seat and a swing frame for kids’ safety. This swing encourages kids to participate in outdoor games.

13. Inflatable Climbing Blocks

Inflatable blocks help a child learn to crawl, climb and slide on the blocks. The toy is CPC certified for kids’ safety. It is good to supervise the kid while playing and climbing the inflatable blocks.

14. A Play Cube

This is a wooden and plastic cube with five sides to play on.  It also has shapes, wooden balls, beaded venture land, and wooden pounder. The toy helps the child to develop perseverance, logic skills, and motor skills.

15. Plush Kids Chair

A kid’s chair is only for kids that can sit unassisted. The pure polyester material is comfortable for your baby girl. The baby will get a cuddly companion while snuggling or relaxing.

16. Musical Toy for Baby

Musical toys are fun and help to keep your child busy. This toy cube has a combination of different musical toys for kids. The girl will learn simple to pronounce words, improve motor skills, color recognition, and overall creativity.

17. Cruiser shoes

At one year, the baby is now walking, and she needs pairs of soft-soled shoes. This pair of shoes is flexible for your little princess. It has a unique design and beautiful packaging for the best gift presentation. The leather sole makes the shoe durable.

18. Potty Seat

Once the girl reaches one and a half years, she can now train to poop in a potty. The potty is plastic made with a removable bowl for easy washing. It also has a deodorizing disc to fight odor, and it is latex-free. It offers three tasks, a sturdy-step stool, a potty seat, and a detachable trainer seat.

19. First Purse Gift Set

The purse gift set contains nine pieces; a purse, a wallet, a notepad, lipstick, storybook, mirror, keys, and a debit card. These items help the girl to play and to grow her fashion skills.

20. Princess Snowflake Dress

The dress is a perfect birthday gift as the girl reaches one year old. It has a pure polyester and cotton material and a pull-on closure.  It comes with matching satin trim and a bow.

21. Anti-Colic Bottle Gift set

This set helps in feeding the baby. It contains storage cups, nipples of different levels, a bottlebrush, and bottles of various ounces. The package also has a teether that is BPA-free.

22. Hooded Baby Towel

Babies need a towel too after they take a bath. A hooded towel covers the baby well to give warmth. This bamboo towel is super thick and soft for the baby’s delicate skin. It comes with a free washcloth.

What to look for when buying the best gifts for a one-year-old girl

The best gifts for one-year-old girls have to check a number of boxes:

– Age appropriateness

Before buying a gift for the one-year-old girl in your life, you should consider the age recommendations of the toy and her level of development. A great gift for a 3-year-old may be dangerous to a one-year-old. You should also ensure that the toy has no small parts that may be choking hazards.

– Safety

You should also consider the materials the toys are made with before buying them. Choose toys that are free of phthalates, BPA, PVS, or toxic chemicals and dyes.

– Longevity

The best gifts for one-year-old girls also have to be usable for years. Gifts that grow with the baby are highly prized and they can be handed down to other children when the girl eventually outgrows them.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it; our ultimate list of some of the best gifts for one-year-old girls that you can buy today.

As you can see, what you get a one year old girl is different from what you’d get a two, three, or four year old girl. It’s also different from what you’d get a one year old boy.

The one thing that makes all these gifts stand out is the fact that not only are they unique, but they are also designed to help with the growth and development of the one-year-old girl in your life. Every parent will appreciate these gift ideas and you can bet that they will think of you every time their young one has fun with your gift!

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