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Toys are a fun and important part of every child’s development. Four-year-olds are full of curiosity and are eager to figure out the world around them. It is a peak time for friendships and social play. They also enjoy solving problems and mastering new challenges. As such, play is very important for them. The best gifts for a four-year-old should encourage all these new behaviors and ideas whilst helping with their growth and development.

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the best gifts for the four-year-old girl in your life. We’ll also tell you why we love them and where you can get your hands on them.

Let’s begin!

Our Top Picks

1. A Dollhouse

Most four-year-old girls like dolls and everything associated with them. This dollhouse would make a perfect gift and a dream for every girl. It comes with a toilet that creates realistic flushing sounds, pieces of furniture, a working elevator, and a slide and pool.

2. Pottery Barn Kids Kitchen

Allow your girl to learn cooking using pottery barn kitchen. The kitchen features a stovetop, a sink and underneath storage, an oven, and a refrigerator. The kitchen has realistic details for the best kitchen’s playroom.

3. Educational Robot Toys

A drawing robot toy draws pictures on writing tablets, papers, and magnetic board surfaces for kids to learn. The girl will learn shape recognition, alphabets, counting, drawing, mathematic puzzles, and spelling. Kids develop self-esteem and confidence to teach other children.

4. Crawl Tunnel Playhouse

The five-piece playhouse comprises a tent, a ball pit, basketball hoop, and two tunnels. Kids have fun alone or with friends crawling and playing with the balls. You can combine the pieces into a multifunctional playhouse or set each separately for your kid. Buy balls separately for the ball pit.

5. Keyboard Play Mat

For music-loving kids, this playmat is the best gift to offer. Your little girl will have fun running around the mat while making melodic sounds. It also helps the kid to exercise and engage in active play. She can also record her music creations for her family and friends. Remember to buy four AA batteries for the keyboard mat to work.

6. Magna Tiles Set

It is a unique gift containing 100 pieces of Magna tiles. The 3D tiles allow the kid to construct unlimited designs. It is the best gift to develop STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills. 

7. Drum Set

It is a multifunctional musical set comprising a chair, bass drum, snare drums, a kick pedal, microphone cable, core cards, cymbals, and two drumsticks. It helps to enlighten your kid to the music industry. It also helps stimulate kids’ performance abilities and fine motor skills.

8. Outdoor Exploration Kit

Outdoor games are more enjoyable while having the necessary equipment such as a magnifying glass, flashlight, binoculars, a hat, vest, and a telescopic butterfly net. It comes in a drawstring backpack for safe and easy carrying. Let the kid carry whether going hiking, camping, or just enjoying nature in the neighborhood to learn and observe.

9. Garden Playhouse

A garden play tent is a cozy place for girls to play and learn farm adventures. The garden tent has a greenhouse design, galore flowers, a door, and a roof with a transparent mesh to allow air and light. 

10. Classic Creative Brick Box Kit

The large brick box kit contains 1500 pieces to help your girl build her scooters, houses, and play toys. It includes six toy tires, green baseplates, toy windows, wheel rims, and toy doors. The toys have multiple colors for the kid to learn color recognition.

11. Princess Make-up Table

The playset comprises a table, tri-folding mirror, a large drawer, and a stool. The girl can learn to dress up in front of the mirror and apply makeup. This set is sturdy for kids’ safety and is easy to clean and install.

12. Mia Baby Doll

Mia baby is a mealtime magic doll with self-motivated facial expressions. It has blinking eyes, a moving tongue, a mouth, and 70+ sounds and phrases to respond to food tastes. Your kid can mix the ten types of food, feed the baby doll, and soothe her with a pacifier.

13. A STEM Pack

The pack contains word puzzles, letters, numbers, and magnetic blocks for your kid to play and learn. It also has 15 games with more than 750 levels for a fun and broad-minded educational journey. The packs help to improve linguistic, counting, motor skills, arithmetic, and comprehension skills.

14. Block set

Let your girl make creative buildings and shapes using the best block set gift. The set has 70 wooden sections with over 20 colors to play with and develop color recognition, creativity, and motor skills.

15. A Talking Microscope

A microscope gift is a science model to help your kid learn and have fun. The talking microscope features 20 slides and above 100 facts to feed your kid with educational realities. Children learn about plants and animals and later do a test to assess their acquaintance.

16. Pony Toys

A pony set contains six mane ponies, each having 3-inch figure character-inspired postures. The pony comprises Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie characters, each having plastic0made hair. Your kid can play with these ponies or arrange them in her room for display and home decor.

17. A Camera

The digital kids’ camera has a 2.4-inch LCD screen for videos and photos. It also has a rear camera to take selfies. It features laugh-out-loud, collage and cartoon effects, and motion-controlled games for more fun.

18. Ride on Horse Toy

A pony-Cycle horse is a kid’s powered toy with no electricity or batteries. It steers right and left and has a handbrake for a secure stop. It helps the kid strengthen arms muscles, manage body movement, and have fun.

19. Movie Magic Studios

The gift toy includes four movie studio stages, fashion dolls, pets, surprise dolls, and Lil sisters. Your kid will enjoy exciting movies that are fun and educational.

20. Roadster Tricycle

The tricycle has a retro-look design with low center gravity and steel trike frames for easy riding. The seat is adjustable with five lock-in positions for a growing kid. The bike helps the kid to play, exercise and improve motor skills.

21. Cubby the Curious Bear

It is an interactive curious, expressive bear toy for the kid to play with during the daytime. At night-mode, the bears produce soft music while making sleepy sounds. The bear responds with over 100 motion and sound combinations.

22. Coding Robot Toy

The coding robot is a remote control screen-less toy to protect your girl’s eyesight. It includes basic coding concepts and booklets for an educational challenge and play. It is portable for easy carrying and storage.

Criteria for choosing the best gifts for four-year-old girls

The best gifts for four-year-old girls have to check a number of boxes:

– Should be age-appropriate

You should always follow the manufacturer’s age recommendations when purchasing toys. Some toys can be too complex for a four-year-old to enjoy.

– Should spark the child’s imagination

Choose a toy that can be used in a variety of ways. An open-ended toy will encourage the child to come up with different ways of playing with the toy. This will spark the child’s imagination and help her develop problem-solving as well as logical thinking skills.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it; our ultimate list of some of the best gifts for four-year-old girls that you can buy today. Hopefully, you will find the perfect toys that will check off all of your boxes.

As you can see, what you get a four year old girl is different from what you’d get a one, two, or three year old girl. It’s also different from what you’d get a four year old boy.

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