If you have been wondering can I buy Amazon gift cards at Walmart, or you want to know does Walmart have Amazon gift cards, this guide will answer all your questions.

Does Walmart sell Amazon gift cards? If you have ever searched for Amazon gift cards in the Walmart closest to you, you’ve likely been surprised to realize that they don’t have them at all. No, they are not out of stock. They just never get stocked.

While Walmart sells a lot of gift cards, they do not sell Amazon gift cards. This is because the two companies are direct competitors and therefore do not stock each other’s gift cards.

So why is that? Why doesn’t Walmart have Amazon gift cards? Well, the real reason for this is Amazon and Walmart are in direct competition with each other. They are both targetting the same market, so neither of them wants to drive traffic to the other side.

This also explains why Walmart gift cards are not sold on Amazon.

Everyone wants to keep all the customers

Let’s take a step back, though, and think about a customer’s behavior for a minute.

When you walk into a store to buy, say, a gift for your dad, you probably won’t walk out with just a single gift item. You’ll likely get something for yourself, too. That’s what Walmart is counting on. This is true both online and for brick-and-mortar stores.

And that’s where things get interesting. Most stores will stock gift cards, not to make a profit, but to get you through the door so you can buy other stuff along with the gift card.

See, because of their nature, when you buy Amazon gift cards (or any other gift cards, for that matter), all the money you pay gets put on the card for you to spend later. This means the store that sells you the gift card isn’t really making much from each sale. It’s only profitable to them if you buy something else as well.

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The real value of Amazon gift cards

Now, like most gift cards, Amazon gift cards are only valuable to Amazon because that’s the only place where they can be spent. So what does this mean for Walmart?

Well, while you might spend a little extra money at their store while buying your Amazon gift card, you are also turning your money into cash that can only be spent exclusively at Amazon, their main competitor.

This basically guarantees that Amazon will be making money as well from your purchase.

So Walmart is barely getting any benefit from selling Amazon gift cards other than giving you the convenience of buying something from them. On top of that, they lose the opportunity to sell other things, and they lose a portion of their profits to Amazon.

And that’s why it is within Walmart’s best interest NOT to sell Amazon gift cards.

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This applies to all Amazon and Walmart products

And this is true for Amazon as well. Walmart is one of Amazon’s biggest competitors in the US. Both companies are fighting over the same retail market.

There is no way Amazon is going to help Walmart gain a little edge by driving paying customers to their stores through Walmart gift cards.

Moreover, this competition does not apply only to gift cards. Amazon does not sell any of Walmart’s products, and Walmart does not sell any of Amazon’s products.

Amazon’s private-label brands like Echo, Kindle, AmazonBasics, Presto, and Eero are not sold at Walmart, and Walmart brands like Onn are not sold by Amazon. If you find any Walmart products on Amazon, it is being sold by a 3rd party seller, not Amazon themselves.

Final Thoughts

So, why doesn’t Walmart sell Amazon gift cards? Well, Walmart and Amazon don’t stock each other’s gift cards because they are in direct competition with each other.

Walmart wants you to buy from them and not Amazon. And the zero dollar return they would get from making it convenient for you to buy an Amazon gift card from them is not worth the lost $25, $50, $75, $100, or $150 that you would be taking to their competitor.

The good news is you don’t have to go all the way to Walmart looking for an Amazon gift card. Just get yours here:

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