Can you buy Amazon gift cards at Target? Well, while Target sells a lot of different gift cards, they do not sell Amazon gift cards. Walk into any Target and you’ll see walls and walls of gift cards for you to choose from…except Amazon, which is conspicuously absent.

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So does Target sell Amazon gift cards?

No, Target does not sell Amazon gift cards. But why is this?

Well, the real reason why there are no Amazon gift cards at Target is that the two companies are competitors. Well, duh, right? Amazon doesn’t sell Target gift cards either.

That’s the simple explanation for why you can’t buy an Amazon gift card at Target.

Another most asked question is, can I use Amazon gift card at Target?

The answer is no, you can’t use Amazon gift cards at Target. You can only use Amazon gift cards on Amazon and Target gift cards on Target.

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Except it goes deeper than that

Gift cards don’t make much money for whatever store that sells them. There’s an almost 1:1 conversion ratio for the money you spend on the gift card versus what is put on the card. However, they are an extremely popular product that a lot of people actively want to buy, which is why stores sell them.

Once you walk into a store to buy a gift card, you’ll probably end up buying other stuff too. And this is where the store makes money.

However, in the case of Amazon vs Target, it’s actually not worth it for them to stock each other’s gift cards. When you buy an Amazon gift card at Target, you are converting your cash into a currency that can only be spent on This is NOT what Target wants.

While you might end up spending a bit of cash at Target as you buy your Amazon gift card, they’ll also be helping one of their main competitors to make guaranteed sales and get a slight boost in their value. Because once you buy an Amazon gift card, you have no choice but to use it on

It’s simple capitalism, really. Everyone wants to keep all the customers. And by helping someone else make a profit, you are making a loss, and that’s completely out of the question.

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Stores that sell Amazon gift cards

That said, there are several stores that sell Amazon gift cards. Some of the most popular ones include:

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Final Thoughts

Target doesn’t sell Amazon gift cards and neither does Amazon sell Target gift cards. The two companies are in competition with each other. This means it is in their best interest not to send customers to the other side by selling them the gift cards.

If you have been looking for Amazon gift cards, you don’t have to go to a physical store to get them. Buying them directly from Amazon is safer and more convenient than heading out to a store like Target to get one. So, while buying Amazon gift cards at Targetisn’t possible, you can easily buy your Amazon gift cards here:

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