Giving wonderful gifts is a skill that everyone deserves to learn. No matter what your recipient’s preferences are or what their requirements may be, there’s the perfect gift out there with their name on it. Sadly, finding that perfect gift can be incredibly hard for a lot of people. Until now.  

This is precisely why we created Gifts Inventory: to give you options. Whether you want to get something for yourself or for someone else, we are committed to finding and giving you access to the best gifts and gift ideas for all lifestyles and style choices. We want to become the one-stop shop for everyone’s gifting needs.

Why gift cards?

Of course, one of the easiest gifts to give is gift cards. They are convenient and easy to acquire and the recipient can redeem them for almost anything they want. For this reason, we have dedicated a lot of resources to educating you about gift cards, where to buy them, how to use them, how to avoid getting scammed, and how to get a lost or stolen gift card back.

We have in-depth analyses of popular gift cards like Amazon, Visa, Amex, and more. We explain in detail how to use all the features available from these brands, from Amazon registries to CVS Extracare and everything in between.

We also outline all the gift cards you can buy at popular retailers such as Amazon, CVS, Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, Publix, and more. Finally, we have a detailed guide on how to check the gift card balances for ALL gift cards.

Gift product recommendations: Why should you trust our recommendations?

Our team of editors spends hundreds of hours every week researching products, conducting hands-on tests, reviewing consumer feedback, and writing our comprehensive reviews and recommendations. All our products are meticulously hand-picked and tested by us!

The amount of research and testing that goes into each article varies depending on the complexity of the topic. Some of them are pretty straightforward and take a short time to work on while others have us taking a deep dive into forums and Facebook groups to find out exactly what people think about certain products. It is not uncommon for our editors to have over 20 browser tabs open at the same time as they research products.

After researching the products, we outline all the best options and tell you why we love them so you can make an informed purchase every time. Every product that makes it into our lists is well-researched, tested, and approved.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of products with more in the pipeline every week. We’ll never recommend anything we wouldn’t buy ourselves. In this way, we’ve put in the work so you don’t have to. And that’s why you can trust us.

Affiliate Disclosure

We may earn an affiliate commission when you click through our site to a retailer. This does not affect our coverage as we’ll only recommend products that we’ve researched and tested, and we fully stand by our recommendations. For more information, please read our affiliate disclosure here.

How to reach us

Above all else, Gifts Inventory is about having fun! So let us know your thoughts in the comments of articles that resonated with you. We love hearing from our readers!

Got questions? Thoughts? Comments? We’d love to hear them! Reach out to us at giftsinventory@gmail.com

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