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Looking for 3D glasses? This guide will outline a list of the best 3D glasses. We’ll also answer some of the most common 3D glasses questions, such as why 3D glasses are red and blue and what are 3D glasses made of.

In this guide:

Quick Answer: 10 Best 3D Glasses

Here are the 10 best 3D glasses you can buy right now:

  1. BIAL Red-Blue 3D glasses: Best overall 3D glasses
  2. SONY 3D Glasses: Best Premium 3D glasses
  3. Boblov DLP 3D glasses: Best value 3D glasses
  4. Dinner Swear 50 Pairs 3D glasses: Best 3D glasses bulk purchase
  5. XPAND 105 RF-X1 Rechargeable 3D glasses: Best Rechargeable 3D glasses with Blueetooth
  6. BEIKALONE 50 pairs 3D paper glasses: Best Cardboard 3D glasses
  7. DLP Link 3D glasses: Best value rechargeable 3D glasses
  8. Holiday Specs 3D Christmas Glasses: Best Kids 3D glasses
  9. BIAL 2 pack Red-Blue 3D glasses with Case: Best Red Blue 3D glasses
  10. ZIYAN 50 pairs Flat 3D glasses: Great party 3D glasses

10 Best 3D Glasses

What are 3D glasses made of?

3D glasses are made of polarization glasses that are designed to create an illusion of 3-dimensional images. They work by restricting the amount of light that reaches the eyes of the person wearing them. 3D glasses frames are usually made of plastic or cardboard.

For more information on what are 3D glasses made of and how 3D glasses work, you can check out the official 3D glasses wiki here.

Why 3D glasses are red and blue

In the 1950s, white cardboard glasses with red and blue lenses became more and more popular as early 3D movies started to gain mass appeal. These glasses were called anaglyphs.

Anaglyphs use one red lens and one blue lens. The red lens filters out all blue light while the blue lens filters out all red light. Because of this, each eye sees a slightly different image.

A 3D movie contains two images overlapped over one another: one in red and the other in blue. Because of the color of the lenses, only one of these images can reach each eye. The brain does the rest of the work by merging both images and creating an illusion of an image popping off the screen.

Today, red and blue glasses are not so popular anymore. They have been replaced by polarized 3D glasses, which work in the same way but without relying on separately colored lenses. This creates a more crisp image.

Bonus: How to create a 3D glasses effect in photoshop

If you love the 3D glasses effect, you might be wondering how to create it on your own in photoshop. Well, here is a short and neat little video that will have you doing it in no time!

3D glasses effect photoshop

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking for 3D glasses, you have come to the right place. One of the best places where to get 3D glasses is Amazon. To make this guide, we scoured that website to find you all the best 3D glasses on there that you can buy today. There’s definitely something to love for everyone on this list.

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